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Chekadbam the pioneer

Chekadbam is the first equipment manufacturer of Green Roof (Roof Garden), green wall, green terraces and green interior design in the modular method. With over 10 years of experience in consulting, design and implementation of vertical green spaces, green roof (Roof Garden), terraces and green walls.

Consultation Chekadbam expert team are ready to offer any free consultation in development of green projects.
Design Step by step design and reform and optimization of the concept until approved by the customer.
Manufacturing All products that are used in projects are made in our fully equipped manufactory with high quality materials.

Manufacturer of Flowerbox, gazebo, pergola and fountain. Portable, modular design based on US standards and manufactured with local materials resistant to damaging environmental factors.

Green roof Roof garden sample

Roof garden (Green roof)

Modular green roof is a type of assembled model that is not necessary to have infrastructure. So, it can be used in different places such as roofs and terraces. In relation to using plants, it is tried to provide various species with the best quality and cultivate into the assembled components. In this method many parts of roof are covered by specific boxes that is a place for cultivating plants, for example, seasonal or evergreen plants, shrubs, and trees.

Types of green roofs Roof garden projects

Green terrace / balcony

Generally, one of the main goal of building terrace may be related to have suitable places, which can be helpful for having fun and being relax. And also it can be the place that is provide the best landscape for people who use this. Most of the people can positively change their terraces with the help of appropriate and practical equipment. It could be include proper plants, furniture with the best color that have harmony. All of these can make you happy and provide exciting and trilling environment in different seasons.

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green wall design sample living wall

Green wall

Green walls are known as specific equipment for covering indoor and outdoor walls and most of the time various types of cover plants are proper for covering walls. This plants not only can be planted exactly on the ground in front of the structure of green wall but also some appropriate flowers with specific scales may be used at different elevations on the wall in appropriate pot or flowerboxes. There are many useless surfaces, which could be really suitable for creating green walls, therefore, this company try to suggest two methods of creating green walls that include portable and modular methods.

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Introducing Chakadbam

The Company is proud to be the first in iran to obtain state qualification certificates for the creation, design and implementation of "Chekadbam" idea. Chekadbam is a green roof that is designed using modular components.
It is for unused spaces of the buildings, such as roofs and terraces in line with modern technology and compatible with the values of aesthetics, social and culture and can be used in current environmental conditions to revive missing urban green spaces and may cause environmental sustainability, improve mental and physical health and enhance the quality of life of its residents.
Chekadbam products are designed portabel and modular based on USA standards and manufactured with indigenous materials. This special feature allows you fast installation, diverse arrangement and changing pattern even after its implementation. It is worth noting that these items have a warranty of 10 years.

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