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Chekadbam Green Services

Chekadbam is the first manufacturer of green roof modular equipment (roof garden), green wall and green terrace based on the international standards. Chakadbam-Sabz-Shahr has more than 12 years of experience in the field of consultation, design and implementation of vertical green spaces, and is pioneer as a specialized engineering service center.

Chekadbam is an exclusive designer and manufacturer of standard and customized planter boxes, tree boxes, gazebos, sunroom, wooden and glass or combined canopies, using local, environmentally friendly and green materials based on the United States’ standards.


Chekadbam's specialized team, consisting of architects, landscape designers and civil engineers, is ready to provide services to clients. In this regard, Chekadbam engineers visit your projects throughout Iran and offer different alternatives in order to provide the best architectural design which is suitable for your project situation, budget and region’s climate.


The design process in Chekadbam company starts with the field visit and existing situation assessment, according to the request, taste and budget of the client. Then 2D and 3D plans with a variety of designs and prices will be presented. Finally, one of the designs or a combination of both will be refined and presented as a final design.


Chekadbam EPC Company implements all stages from supply to construction. The Chekadbam factory located in Mallard has numerous technical teams and up-to-date equipments, which implements procurement, transportation, and construction process as soon as possible.


After finalizing the green roof plan and designing the details by experienced engineers, Chekadbam's executive teams complete the project in the shortest time. At the end of the project, the client will receive his beautiful and green roof with a set of side services, including irrigation and lighting.

Roof garden

Roof garden

Modular roof gardens (based on modules) are pre-constructed models that can be implemented on any roof and balcony and even green areas without infrastructural needs.

These prefabricated pieces with diverse vegetation will be placed in different planting beds with different sizes and provide the possibility of sustaining a wide range of plants (including creeping and cover plants, medium shrubs and trees). In this system, plants are cultivated and kept in boxes according to the depth of the plant's roots.

Introducing Chakadbam

Chekadbam Company has the honor to create, design and implement the idea of ​​“Chekadbam method” for the first time in Iran by obtaining official certificates.

Chekadbam can revive the lost urban green space and cause environmental sustainability by using modular components in unused spaces of the building, such as roofs. All these processes will be implemented aligned with modern technology and in harmony with Iranian aesthetic, social and cultural values which improves the residents’ mental and physical health and increase the quality of their life.

Chekadbam productions are portable and modular based on the standards of the United States and are produced with local materials. This special feature provides the possibility of quick implementation and installation, diverse layout and pattern change even after the implementation of the roof garden.

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