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A green roof is a roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and soil. The term “roof garden” refers to green coverings with plant and living material. Such roofs, in addition to the calculations of normal roofs and their basic needs, usually have different layers such as a plant root chamber, drainage layer, and irrigation systems.

Intensive Green Roof

An Intensive Green Roof or Roof Garden includes unlimited plant and design varieties. Likewise in an outdoor or open space planning, which allows any form of vegetation. Intensive greening may consist of perennials, grasses, bulbs, summer flowers, shrubs and large trees

CHEKAD Flower box

With the development of urban and machine life, nature has faced many dangers. So that instead of parks and green spaces, tall apartments and skyscrapers have been placed. Nevertheless, a solution should be thought of to help improve urban life and the expansion of green nature in the cities surrounding environment.

Advantages of terrace garden

Many of the terraces has become functionless due to the unattractive and undefined functionality. But there can be a very beneficial way to have a terrace garden. One of the advantages of the green terrace is that it is to create a lovely place for the residents to spending their time. Also, if the terrace garden has a large area, it can be easily turned into a place for family and friends gatherings, just like the design and implementation of the roof garden. The green terrace will become a valuable asset and it is profitable for the client’s property.

Green terrace

Green terrace or garden terrace is one of the apartment terrace design methods that allows residence to have a lovely space for daily routine and leisure time at home. A CHEKAD© green terrace can be created with a few designs and turn the unused space of the balcony into a suitable place for growing plants, flowers or even vegetables. Sometimes a pergola or a canopy is used in the green terrace to easily create peaceful shadow in the environment to be used during day and sunlight.

Green wall

A green wall is a plant-covered that is vertically installed on a wall or any surface through a flower box and a special system. Green walls are vertical structures that connect different types of plants or other greenery to it. Greenery is often planted in a growing medium consisting of soil, rock, or water.

Advantages of portable modular green roofs

In General, roof gardens have many advantages that make their design and implementation cost-effective for the costumers. Creating a green space in the building, reducing the urban heat effects, producing oxygen by green roof plants


Leaving aside in this discussion the ancient history and tales about Babylonian hanging gardens, the present function of the hanging garden will be analyzed from an architectural, urban, and environmentally.

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