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Advantages of portable modular green roofs

In General, roof gardens have many advantages that make their design and implementation cost-effective for the costumers. Creating a green space in the building, reducing the urban heat effects, producing oxygen by green roof plants, increasing the value and augment of the building, etc. are some of the advantages of green roofs. Now the question is, what are the advantages of Portable-Modular roof garden over other types? Some of the advantages of Portable-Modular roof gardens are:

  • The design and implementation of the Portable-Modular roof garden does not require constructing new added structure.
  • The execution speed is noticeably higher than other roof garden types.
  • Due to the implementation of the roof garden in a portable form, there is no additional load on the building (live load).
  • Implementation of Portable-Modular roof garden does not damage the roof surface and existing insulation.
  • Portable-Modular roof garden is applicable for new and old buildings.

Implementation steps of CHEKAD Portable-Modular roof garden

The Portable-Modular roof garden does not require complex structural equipment, so it can be used on most roofs, terraces and balconies. The implementation of modular roof garden has different stages, each of which has its own importance. The stages of implementing a modular green roof are:

  • Site visit and collection:

In the first step, there is a need to visit the place by the designers. When the experts visited the roof, they will check the available facilities and limitations, and also the dimensions and size of the space. One of the most important factors influencing the type of design is the condition and the stability of the roof.

  • Roof garden design:

The design of the roof garden is done according to the needs of the costumer. The design is done by special software in two and three dimensional documents and provides a complete understanding of the designed project for the costumer. At this stage, according to the costumer’s opinion, changes can be made in the design. The design of the roof garden is done according to the needs and tastes of the client, the area of ​​the space and the amount of the budget which the design and be compatible with any budget limitation around the world.

  • Roof insulation:

After the agreement, it is time to implement the roof garden. The first step is to ensure the insulation of the roof. There is no need for a complicated structural process for the Portable-Modular implementation. By using a three-centimeter layer of sand, cement, or mosaic on the existing insulation customer can easily eliminate the worry about damp and its bad consequences.

  • Item production and transportation:
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One of the most important advantages and features of CHEKAD© portable modular roof garden system is the production of most of the roof garden components in the warehouse, which saves time. All the elements considered in the design for the roof garden are produced in the workshop and transported to the project site.

  • Implementation of Portable-Modular roof garden:

After transferring components and items to the building, green roof implementation is going to be done very quickly. Due to the portable and modular nature of the items, the implementation of different parts of the design such as; Flooring, pavilions, flower boxes, synthetic grass, pebble stone and sunroom, etc. are executed in the shortest period of time and based on the presented designs. During the implementation of the roof garden, in addition to the installation and implementation of various components of the green roof, the necessary equipment for the vegetation, irrigation or lighting system will be installed as well.

  • Planting plants:

One of the most important principles of green roof design is planting and choosing the suitable plants for the roof which varies in different climates. It is necessary to choose the best plant species that can easily grow in the roof space despite the cold and heat or strong wind, according to the climatic characteristics of the city. It is possible to plant all kinds of plants, including cover plants, shrubs and bushes in the Portable-Modular roof garden. Plants are planted in flower or planter boxes.

Modular-portable Roof garden price

Perhaps one of the very first questions that happens for costumers regarding the design and implementation of a green roof is the price and calculation of the process. In general, effective factors such as; The area and dimensions of the roof, the number and type of items used, the number and type of plants, etc. affect the final price of designing and implementing a modular-portable roof garden.

In brief these are the effective elements for the final cost:

  • Roof area
  • The amount and type of materials used in CHEKAD© designed roof garden
  • Performing more closed components like closed sunrooms and pavilions for climates having harsh weather (more heat, heavy raining, etc.)
  • The type and amount of plants used in the implementation of the roof garden
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