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Advantages of terrace garden

Many of the terraces has become functionless due to the unattractive and undefined functionality. But there can be a very beneficial way to have a terrace garden. One of the advantages of the green terrace is that it is to create a lovely place for the residents to spending their time. Also, if the terrace garden has a large area, it can be easily turned into a place for family and friends gatherings, just like the design and implementation of the roof garden. The green terrace will become a valuable asset and it is profitable for the client’s property.

Terrace gardening holds a number of advantages like

  • Fruits and vegetables cultivated at home are free of pests and diseases and healthy
  • Rainwater harvesting is a modern urban concept, and the water so collected could be used for plant irrigation
  • The terrace garden not only provides vegetables for the daily food, but it also keeps the building cool.
  • Terrace gardens serve as artificial air purifiers
  • Enhances the building’s overall aesthetic value
  • Gardening even on a small scale can be a great stress reliever.


  • Water leaking from the terrace might be a problem
  • There might be issues with the stagnation of water and soil deposition
  • A lack of knowledge regarding pest and disease management could be a problem
در ادامه بخوانید  ?ROOF GARDEN or GREEN ROOF
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