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CHEKAD Flower box

With the development of urban and machine life, nature has faced many dangers. So that instead of parks and green spaces, tall apartments and skyscrapers have been placed. Nevertheless, a solution should be thought of to help improve urban life and the expansion of green nature in the cities surrounding environment. CHEKAD suggests to use all kinds of attractive and beautiful flower boxes to have a pleasant and green environment in your work and daily life and enjoy it. Today, people are mostly pay attentions to flower boxes in urban planning and it is used as one of the elements of beautifying cities and urban furniture. Due to CHEKAD flower box’s special structure, they can be easily installed in different architectural spaces. In this article, CHEKAD defines the flower box, different types and use.

What is Flowerbox?

Are you one of those people whose mind is occupied by the word flower box? So, before anything else, it is better to know that Flowerbox is the modern version of traditional flowerpots that were used in the old days on fences in terraces, windows and yards to beautify the surroundings. Flowerbox (flower box) is a hollow container that can be used in green space in different ways.These flower boxes are placed inside the soil and their empty spaces are used for planting and growing all kinds of flowers and plants. Nowadays, due to the lack of space to create green spaces, flower boxes are a good choice to replace gardens.

Types of flower boxes

CHEKAD Plastic wood flower box:

در ادامه بخوانید  Green wall

These flower boxes are made using metal profiles, which are finally covered with plastic wood bars. One of the advantages of these boxes is its great resemblance to wood, which has multiplied its beauty. Plastic wood flower boxes have been highly regarded and welcomed due to their protection from the environment. CHEKAD Plastic wood flower boxes do not cause any harm to nature and are a suitable option for growing all kinds of flowers and plants.

CHEKAD Thermo wood flower boxes:

The main body of these flower boxes is made using metal profiles. These profiles are covered with electrostatic paint and finally covered with thermo wood.

CHEKAD Galvanized flower box:

The main frame material of these flower boxes is galvanized sheet which is covered with electrostatic paint. These flower boxes have the ability to change color and directly plant the plant inside the box.

Plastic flower box:

These flower boxes have become more popular due to their light weight and cheaper price compared to other types, and they are not very beautiful but CHEKAD covers the surrounding with plastic wood which makes it look architecturally beautiful.  This type is mostly used in terraces and balconies.

The professional and great team of CHEKAD has mass-produced all kinds of flower boxes with first-class materials and high quality in the factory with 6 production lines. The flower boxes produced in CHEKAD factory are made of galvanized sheet with powder-furnace paint, which are finally covered with plastic wood, thermo wood.

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