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Leaving aside in this discussion the ancient history and tales about Babylonian hanging gardens, the present function of the hanging garden will be analyzed from an architectural, urban, and environmentally. 

Today, technology provides methods and materials that make the roof garden accessible from an economically and appropriate in almost every situation, giving the possibility of installing them even on terraces which are not designed for the purpose, from architecture point of view.

Roof (and Vertical) gardens have become increasingly popular by many people around the world, especially by those who love greenery but do not have the space necessary for a classic-style garden. At home, on the balcony or terrace, choosing to make a garden is increasingly fashionable, especially since the advantages are very high and, in principle, outweigh any disadvantages.

CHEKAD© is providing the Portable-Modular method to increase intensive roof gardens in the quantity and quality of greenery spaces within cities, without facing old-fashioned setbacks and difficulties of this process. But it designed many facilities and uses various compatible plants, in these cases, live on a substrate constructed pots and frames.

There are two types of roof loadings when a building is being constructed. Dead load and live load to the weight of the roof structure itself and any permanent structures on that roof. Unfortunately, most formerly constructed roofs are not designed to support an “intensive garden” with a massive substrate layer and big plants which increases Dead loads and threatens the structure.

But CHEKAD© has overcome the problem for more than a decade and made the structure against the amount of dead load caused by the roof garden. The best way to create a green space on the roof is to use the Portable-Modular method as a detached live load.

In this method, ready pre-made planters and flower boxes are used to implement the roof garden. According to the type of use, the planters can have a wide green surface or beautiful and tall shrubs. In fact, the difference between this method and the previous masonry method and styles is not only outstanding in terms of beauty, but in terms of structure, constructing speed, safety, diversity, modernity, etc.

The green roof has not only an aesthetic-ornamental function, it is an operation of ecological architecture that brings numerous advantages to the building and the environment. It increases the thermal support of the roof and is an excellent insulation for the floors under it which CHEKAD steel meshing whit no bolting to the roof and also with a considerable economic advantage in terms of savings on energy consumption (up to 25% according to the various researches.)

It has been shown that green roofs can play an important role in reducing pollution, however, proportionate to the biomass present on the roof, partially reduces urban pollution, this feature is not specific to the technology but plants have to break down pollutants and suspended dust.

This is important to know that most cities have their air polluted and contain too much carbon dioxide emitted from buildings, nearby factories or industries and even motor vehicles. CHEKAD© Green roofs can be a great help such urban centers by absorbing the carbon dioxide from the air and release more oxygen in return, creating a healthier and greener urban environment for cities and people.


CHEKAD roof garden is an excellent choice for people who are living in cities and have limited access to a yard, balcony, or outdoor space they would like to use for growing plants and use other benefits of a natural place. Rooftop gardens make the most of a typically underutilized area. Portable-Modular gardens specifically are one of the easiest and most beneficial methods that can transform an outdoor into lively modern gardens.

Here we discuss some of the benefits CHEKAD green roofs carries:

  • Improved Air Quality

Large cities put massive amounts of pollution in the air every day. It is considerably important for people to breathe in the fresh air, as it is the healthiest for body. Plants serve as the best teammates because they take CO2 in and release oxygen. Having a roof garden creates a place for people to enjoy fresh air along having plants and other CHEKAD natural qualities.

  • Reduces Temperature

If a building’s rooftop garden is large enough, it can reduce the temperature of the building. As people might suffer from high temperature during hot seasons around the world and accordingly due to the global warming.

A big reason rooftops are so hot is the materials that it is constructed from and the fact that it is most likely in direct sun, soaking up all those rays. If the plants are spread out or have enough of them on the roof garden, there should be a limitation for the amount of direct sunlight by absorption and shadows that hits the roof and therefore reduces the overall temperature of the building.

  • Provides a Sound blockade

The high levels of noise surrounding a building complex can be disturbing for its residents. Compared to conventional roofs, green roofs provide significant noise attenuation. CHEKAD© effectively designed greens roof help to regulate noise and provides a comfortable environment for the inhabitants.

  • Improves Aesthetics

One of the obvious benefits of having a green rooftop is the aesthetic improvement. Inclusion of a CHEKAD© roof garden goes a long way towards increasing the visual appeal of a building.

  • Direct Sun for plants
در ادامه بخوانید  CHEKAD Flower box

Most of the time, plants need lots of sunlight to grow. It’s difficult to plant flowers around a suburban house because they only receive so much sunlight. This is where rooftop gardens benefits the most. Because these gardens tower over any possible obstructions, plants could easily consume as much sun as the clouds allow.

  • Easy to Rearrange

In an ordinary garden, once a plant, shrubs, fruits, or any other planting is being cultivated, they are more than likely going to remain there. The plants take root and establish themselves in their place. A CHEKAD© Portable-Modular roof garden, is perfect because residents can rearrange the garden and it can easily be removed or added at any time.

  • Happiness, gathering and social life

CHEKAD© Rooftop gardens offer an admirable modern atmosphere and a view for the owners as well as for the neighborhood. CHEKAD© makes a property look more aesthetically pleasing to watch and even attend in. Furthermore, it can be a place of socializing, with the owners sitting there looking for some peace. A roof garden could also offers privacy to the homeowner and also provides a recreational joyful area for children and contributes to the social life of the residents.

  • Augments Marketability

A combination of the several benefits (as mentioned) ultimately will result in augmenting the market value of the property with a CHEKAD© roof garden. Also, the association of green roofs with environmental sustainability helps to bring greater worth to potential tenants or buyers and the property market value and added value in sale for developing countries.

  • Parties and celebrations

Green and colored bushes and many other plants can provide a fun atmosphere for a building. A roof garden is a perfect place to have parties and big gatherings like weddings, birthdays, graduations and many other cheering occasions. Residents can enjoy their moments at anytime they need a big private outdoor place in a CHEKAD© roof garden.

  • Easy installation and Long-lasting

CHEKAD© provides the material and design process according to any unique project, and it can expertly accomplish the project. Regarding to the decade experience in designing and performing roof gardens, the quality and durability of all the products are guaranteed.

11- Roof garden Vegetation

Almost all types of plants can grow on green roofs. But several limiting factors such as bed depth, amount of solar radiation, weather, bed humidity, determine the survival of green roof plant species. In addition, choosing the type of plant depends on the roof structure and its resistance.

Flowers and plants that are used as vegetation in modern green roof design, including cover plants, ornamental plants (pomegranate, pepper, etc.), resistant trees, four-season flowers, fruit bushes, organic vegetables and fruits, fruit trees.

An interesting issue to design a green roof is that the plants are green in four seasons, without the need for annual maintenance and planting. Therefore, both in the cold season and in the hot season, the greens of your green roof will be preserved with a multiple growth of the traditional system.

12- Costume equipment

  • Using different types of fireplaces and fire pits for cold seasons in the design of the rooftop green space
  • Vegetable gardens and organic vegetables, flowers and trees
  • Pond, shallow pool and static or dynamic underwater living space
  • Gas, oven, barbecue, cabinet space, etc. for cooking and barbecue in green roof design
  • Use of Jacuzzi, Sauna, sunbathing space, sports halls, gym, yoga, etc. in home green roof design
  • All kinds of fabric umbrellas and roofs, rooftop pavilions or home awnings
  • Sports spaces such as mini golf.
  • Children’s play area (cycling, electric car)
  • Pet’s zone.
  • Rooms with clear and semi-transparent walls, fixed or movable for relaxation
  • Music studio and outdoor cinema

Rooftop Garden drawbacks


  • The most important drawback about constructing a rooftop garden is considering the dead load of the building. In many case it badly effects the whole building. CHEKAD© Portable-Modular system allows the building to carry live load only. Since every part of the mechanism is pre-made and ready, and also a permanent mobility, there would be no concern about the loading of the building issue.
  • Some obvious problems include having to take care of the plants and all the responsibilities that come with it. Owning a rooftop garden can also be difficult to water if there is no outside water source. CHEKAD© Portable-Modular provides drip irrigation for the plants as it would be a more reasonable way for water issue.
  • Another drawback is the fact that you are limited to certain plants which they require longer root base which are not possible to grow in a short soil depth.

CHEKAD© Portable-Modular designs functional tree box for growing plants up to three meter height and half a meter root which will make a roof garden more aesthetic and natural.

  • A roof garden might increase the possibility of damping the roof due to the plant irrigations and heavy rains. CHEKAD designs possible slope of the roof by meshing and making decks for foot path, leading water away from the roof top.
  • CHEKAD© is using plastic wood which is durable from catching fire and will not spread it like natural wood.
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