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Green terrace


Green terrace or garden terrace is one of the apartment terrace design methods that allows residence to have a lovely space for daily routine and leisure time at home. A CHEKAD© green terrace can be created with a few designs and turn the unused space of the balcony into a suitable place for growing plants, flowers or even vegetables. Sometimes a pergola or a canopy is used in the green terrace to easily create peaceful shadow in the environment to be used during day and sunlight.

Garden terrace design

Designing a garden terrace has become a professional task these days and CHEKAD© is active in this field too. It is very common to change the balcony of an apartment or house, even the terrace of a villa, but if a client decide to do it professionally, it is better to consult with CHEKAD© experts executives and experienced designers.

Implementation of terrace garden

The implementation of terrace garden by CHEKAD© is done in several stages:

  • First, experts will be sent to the place and will check the terrace
  • After that, the design of the terrace is done by an architect or a professional designer
  • If the customer is willing to have some changes on the blue print, the design team will change the alternative.
در ادامه بخوانید  Intensive Green Roof
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