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Green wall

A green wall is a plant-covered that is vertically installed on a wall or any surface through a flower box and a special system. Green walls are vertical structures that connect different types of plants or other greenery to it. Greenery is often planted in a growing medium consisting of soil, rock, or water. Since the walls have living plants in them, they usually use indoor drip irrigation systems.

Green walls are different from the plants that often climb the exterior walls of the building and even use them as structural supports. This element is one of the most widely used elements in villa landscaping, yard landscaping, garden, green roof, open space, etc.

In green walls, the growing medium is on the surface or structure of the wall, while in building facade, the plants are rooted on the ground. Additionally, facade greenery can take a long time to cover an entire wall, while green walls may already be growing. As well as the visual and organic benefits of all green walls, smart and active green walls can purify and humidify the air which has noticeable effects on residents.

Green wall lifestyle effects

Living walls can create happier manners and make activities more productive. Because they fulfill peoples innate need for nature. Bringing natural elements to a place without having any green spaces, lifts the mood and makes human more lively and cheerful.

Studies have also shown that nature can reduce negative behaviors, like aggression and anxiety. Additionally, connecting with nature has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental fatigue. This is due to the body’s automatic response to be touched emotionally and being around natural elements.

As pollution and air quality issues are better understood, the effects of plants on air quality have similarly received more attention. The air purifying effect of plants is achieved through plant root microbes, which can use chemicals as nutrients. In addition to direct health effects, air quality has been proven to improve people’s alertness and cognitive abilities. Smart green walls achieve this with active air circulation, as the wall, plants and supporting technology are all designed for this purpose.

What are the benefits of a green wall?

Green walls liven up a space and have many advantages. First of all, its visual benefits cannot be ignored. These living and eye-catching walls can have a great effect in decorating the urban space made of concrete, bricks and any material.

Features of green wall in building

Outdoor green walls and facades have been found to be energy efficient. Because their plants reduce the overall temperature of the building when exposed to the sun. In addition, they also reduce the amount of heat that escapes in winter. A sufficient amount of plant matter also helps to reduce the sound level.

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Green wall Application on indoors/outdoors

External and internal green walls are used for different purposes and in different environments. They can be made from a wide range of materials and plants, depending on the most suitable solution for each space. Although cost-effective, they can reduce overall temperature, catch rainwater, or insulate buildings, but they are mostly used to create green spaces in urban landscapes and interior decoration. The construction of these living walls has limitations in terms of climate, as they have to withstand the conditions of their surroundings, which may sometimes damage the structure and plants of the wall.

What plants do grow on green walls?

Living wall plants need a suitable growing environment to grow. So this environment is usually placed on a structure (such as a flower box or a planters) that together form a CHEKAD© green wall system. The soil system is put in a shelf box or a planter that is then placed on a wall.

What are the types of green walls?

As mentioned above, there are different types of CHEKAD© green walls. Among the things that make these walls different are the spaces, sizes and internal and external models. CHEKAD© presents modular and cable green walls which each system can be used for any specific type of designs. Also, the design and production of various types of green walls is constantly developing. It provides even more options for different purposes.

Consider the conditions and objectives for the implementation of the green wall

Location and existing technology have a significant impact on the selection of plant species for exterior green walls. For example, walls may require plants that can survive periods of drought due to the lack of rainwater and indoor irrigation systems. Outdoor weather conditions also affect indoor plants. Because the drier air makes plants use more water to maintain the desired level of humidity. In tall facades and exterior green walls, wind, sunlight and rain conditions may be harsher on the green than on the streets.

Maintenance of the green wall

Like all living plants, many vegetables require periodic replacements to compensate for plant loss. Additionally, water is vital to plant survival, which is why most plant walls have similar irrigation systems to make plant care easier. Plants also need essential nutrients, which are usually received through irrigation. CHEKAD© performs drip irrigation on green walls with the best performance for the plants and efficiency.

Construction of a green wall

CHEKAD© has proven that it is an expert company performing green walls. Features such as shape, size, and material selection will definitely affect the cost of all green walls. The more complex and customized the product, the more expensive the price will tagged.

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