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Intensive Green Roof

An Intensive Green Roof or Roof Garden includes unlimited plant and design varieties. Likewise in an outdoor or open space planning, which allows any form of vegetation. Intensive greening may consist of perennials, grasses, bulbs, summer flowers, shrubs and large trees. Because of high maintenance requirements, Lawn is considered an intensive Green Roof. However, the general maintenance of intensive Green Roofs without lawn is less than most people would expect. Considerably, this all depends on plant selection and overall design.

Overall, an intensive Green Roof can restore the entire environmental footprint of a structure, if designed with the similar biodiversity of the project location. E.g. Urban Tiny Forests on roof tops are one option for meeting a country’s Carbon goals.

How intensive green roof works?

That intensive Green roofs require high maintenance is partially a myth because this strongly depends on the plant selection. For instance and urban rooftop forest hardly requires any maintenance other than professional trimming after every other year. Sure this can require some costly equipment but in comparison to some intensive Green Walls projects this is insignificant.

Green Roof Technology’s solutions incorporate an artesian irrigation system, where the vegetation controls the water supply. This can operated accurately without electricity and entirely invisible. Thus, no loss of precious water (patented in 1974). As a result it reduces the amount of water by 50-80% comparing to conventional systems. It works in any Climate Zone and it is around 30% cheaper. In arid climate Zones, additional near surface irrigation maybe required, depending on plant selection and overall depth of the system. At the end it all comes down to a well-engineered soil horizon.

Vegetation and urban agriculture

For a green roof, the limit is the sky. Intensive green roofs are a garden on a roof. Anything is possible from lawns, perennials, shrubs, trees including other landscape options such as ponds, pergolas and patios. Furthermore, enjoy urban agriculture on intensive Green Roofs. Still, some literature considers intensive Green Roofs are the heavy-weights under the Green Roofs. Of course, this is one of many misconceptions because they weigh a fraction of a comparable garden on grade. In short, Green Roof Technology delivers a fully functional solution paired with common sense.

Extensive Green Roof

در ادامه بخوانید  ?ROOF GARDEN or GREEN ROOF

An Extensive Green Roof represents a natural form of vegetation that is largely self-sustaining and evolving. Certainly, it is the most cost effective and most natural infrastructure to reduce storm water run-off from buildings at the source. Although, extensive Green Roofs only partially restore the environmental footprint of a structure, it is proven to be the most efficient and most natural.

For example, Stuttgart city in Germany has over 100 Million square feet of extensive Green Roofs in a 10 kilometers radius from the city center. Hence, this is also the place where this idea literally grew from seed and was perfected in the 1980’s.

Meanwhile, extensive Green Roofs are the mostly of the term “Green Roof”. But still there are many misunderstandings, myths and misleading understanding about extensive Green Roofs. With our website we try to shine light into this information jungle, because we were there from the beginning.

Success in simplicity

An extensive Green Roof is home for plants with special adaption to extreme site conditions and high regeneration capacity. Additionally, it is characterized by succulent (Sedum), and small herbaceous plants including drought tolerant grasses. Thus extensive Green Roof require low maintenance and have no permanent installed irrigation system, because it would defeat the purpose.

Typically, the system depth for an extensive Green Roofs rages from10 cm to 15 cm. Although there are shallower extensive Green Roof systems on the market, they are only resilient in specific climate zones. Because of the shallow profile, extensive Green Roofs also add less weight to a structure than deeper system.



Extensive Vegetation system

The vegetation on extensive green roofs is subject to natural reshuffling. Plant species migrate or new plants species settle. If there is the desire to retain or keep a certain vegetation palette, a specific vegetation pattern or a regular full-scale flowering of its vegetation, additional maintenance efforts are necessary with an appropriate supply of nutrients. Extensive green roofs require 50-80% more maintenance than a divers extensive greening with natural vegetation dynamic.

Over all, the natural vegetation dynamic creates biodiversity and makes extensive Green Roofs more resilient to Climate Change.


Check the table below showing extensive and intensive green roof differences:

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